The Seekers Path – A Practical Guide to Ascension

This is an introduction to my course: The Seekers Path – A Practical Guide to Ascension.

This is a course based on channeled information I received over the course of a year which charts the path I walked from 2020 to 2021 throughout the lockdown.

The course contains in depth detail on how to find and walk the path to ascension yourself with practical steps outlined through out in order so that you can cleanse yourself and your being as well as the space around you in order to better your health and your life experience and find a new energetic flow and vibration which will lead you to happiness and growth beyond that which you have previously experienced.

It is a process of self-development and soul searching and requires discipline on the part of the seeker with regard to the practices outlined in order to achieve and succeed in finding a new way to exist in harmony with yourself and others.

This process of awakening will most likely invoke radical change within you, your life and most of all in the relationships around you. Which I won’t lie can be very challenging but is all for the better in the long run.

The course is made up of nine modules and you can find it here on the Udemy Site.

Here is a video introduction to the course outlining some information on myself and my journey and how I came to experience and receive the information.

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