Treatment Overview

Massage Client

Ayni is a Qualified Holistic Therapist & First Aider, registered with The Federation of Holistic Therapists and ASSR Reiki Practitioner qualified to administer Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage and Angelic / Usui / Seichim / Sekhem Reiki (ASSR Reiki).


The therapy space is a clean, freshly decorated room located at the front of the building. It is fully heated and perfectly private and comfortable. The space is a sacred space and as such a very healing environment.

All efforts have been made to create a safe and protective, high vibration light haven which is deeply rooted in the Merkabah. The space is smudged between each client with sacred anti-bacterial / anti-viral herbs in addition to an essential oil diffuser which provide additional air cleansing.

We will work together in consultation to ascertain your personal needs and requirements and then create a treatment specifically designed and tailored for you to suit your needs and any likes or dislikes. Each session we will create a new blend of three essential herbal oils, perfect to suit your mood and requirements for the day on which we meet.

Treatments can be booked as a one-off or regular therapeutic treatment programme. I am happy to massage using CBD spray oil for those who may suffer with Arthritis / Chronic Pain / Inflammation but this will need to be provided by the customer.


1 Hour – £45

1.5 Hours – £60

2 hours – £75

~ All listed appointment times are inclusive of a 15 minute consultation ~

Pregnancy Massage

A brand new offering! Ideal for pregnant mothers who have transitioned successfully through their first trimester. Performed with client laying on the side of the body for maximum comfort using soothing and relaxing strokes. An Ideal treatment for elderly persons.

Aromatherapy Massage

A Rejuvenating full body massage using a blend of three aromatherapy oils which are chosen specifically for you each session. Find more details here.

Hot Stone Massage

Full body massage using heated stones to warm the body internally and aid the flow of circulation.

ASSR Reiki 

A treatment of your desired duration can be offered in person or from a distance. Energies from higher realms are channeled through the practitioner into the client for the purposes of healing mind, body and spirit. Further details are provided here.


Ayni qualified as Holistic Therapist in 2006, as a ASSR Reiki Practitioner in 2015 / 18 and to work with Hot Stones in 2020 and Pregnancy massage earlier this year 2021. I am FHT Insured, DBS checked and First Aid Trained.

In light of the recent situation I can confirm that I have conducted a new risk assessment and updated the management of my space accordingly as outlined on the FHT website.

If you have had, or have been in close proximity to someone who has been ill then please do not make an appointment and refer to the guidelines provided by the government.

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