Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of your body. It is both old and new, from ancient texts we know that the early Chinese, Japanese, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health.

Today many of these techniques have been reformed and developed into a modern science called reflexology. What joins the ancients and the moderns is the long established principle that there are energy zones which run through the body and reflex areas which correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts.

This has been proven in modern day experiments where hospital patients have undergone surgery without anesthetic simply by applying pressure on the relevant part of the hand or foot to serve as pain relief during operations, even as serious as open heart surgery with remarkable effect.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Reduces stress and induces deep relaxation
  • Improves circulation
  • Cleanses the body of impurities and toxins
  • Re-balances the whole system
  • Revitalises energy
  • It is a preventative health care
  • Stimulates creativity and productivity

There are ten energy flows or zones that run the length of the body from head to toe – five on each side of the body ending in each foot and running down the arms into the tips of the fingers.

Not only do these zones run lengthwise, but they also pass through the body, so that the zone located on the front can also be reached from behind. All of the organs and parts of the body lie along one or more of these zones. Each zone can be considered a channel for the intangible life energy called chi or qi in oriental medicine and martial arts.

Stimulating or ‘working’ any zone in the foot by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers affects the entire zone through the body by sending an electromagnetic pulse along the meridian or zone of the body.

For example, working a zone on the foot along which the kidneys lie will release vital energy that may be blocked somewhere else in that zone, such as the eyes. Working the kidney reflex area of the foot will therefore revitalise and balance the entire zone and improve functioning of the organ.

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