The Art & Science of Blending…

Aromatherapy originated in France and is the combined use of essential oils in massage treatment. Using plants to heal has it’s roots in the most ancient of traditions and healing practices of human kind. Where early peoples would have used different medicinal plants to cure, aid and heal sick people. These plants have evolved with us for millennia in symbiotic right relationship and as such have an entourage effect which means that the mixture of compounds, terpenes and active essences within the plants holistically treat the person in a balanced manner, where modern medicine seeks to isolate the active molecule and then use that singly as a patented product. You can’t patent a plant so there is little profit to be made from plant medicine.

The earliest products made were pastes or ointments mixed with herbs and early Egyptian records and artifacts show this not to mention Indian and Chinese records where plants, herbs and spices were infused in oil, with early forms of distillation beginning in the 3rd century. Outlining that plants always formed the original medicine cupboard and in my opinion and experience have never been surpassed.

In France doctors use aromatherapy oils in hospitals alongside western medicine favoring an integrative approach. Aromatherapy is a truly holistic therapy with trained aromatherapists taking account of the mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help and creating a blend specifically tailored to the needs of the individual in creating balance within the body.

Essential oils are very powerful tools and should be treated with respect like all medicines

I use the oils in tandem with effleurage and petrissage massage techniques to sooth and restore balance in the body and muscles or to create other specific treatments such as detoxifying or lymphatic drainage massage as directed by the client.

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