The Seekers Path – A Practical Guide to Ascension

My offering is a 35,000 word course featuring nine modules channelled over the past year during lockdown mostly at night. It details my own spiritual experiences, understandings and methods and outlines the ways in which I have personally forged my connection with the higher realms. Essentially this course is a rundown and the recipe for you to repeat this process in your own life.

I have been asked to share this information with you so that you and others have the opportunity to learn how to cleanse themselves and escape the clutches of the 3rd dimension and raise your vibration in order that you may facilitate your own personal connection with the higher realms.

This is not an easy path, but then nothing ever worth doing was easy.

This is powerful information and will change your life should your practice be consistent and you be fully committed to the work.

The investment I am asking for in exchange for this course is £333, this includes the course content and nine x 1 hour 121 sessions over the duration of a year which is the suggested lead time for making these changes. This will ensure time and space for personal development and lone working which is an important and essential part of the process with periodic check in’s stationed at strategic points throughout the journey.

I will be working on a 121 basis with each student. Each persons progress will be entirely personal as the landscape of every persons life is entirely different and personal. This ensures privacy and focus on one’s own work and path. I may facilitate one or two group sessions further along should this feel like the right course of action at the time.

There is no prior entry requirement in order to be eligible for this course other than a keenness and willingness to learn and an open and kind heart.

If you wish to enrol then please kindly drop me an email on the address below or using the contact form on the website with a brief introduction and your contact details and then make the relevant payment to my paypal account via the same email address, a pay plan will be available should you require some assistance.