Bio-Energetic Resonance Testing

Vibrational body scans, In depth nutritional profiling, Informational and energetic testing

Un-invasive and intuitive, The Qest is a highly intelligent system containing a library of over 40,000 different energetic signatures. The Qest scans your body through the electrodes database to ascertain which resonant signatures are out of alignment within your body. Your bodies own innate intelligence then selects from the vibrational library which resonances it would like as a remedy.

If you can imagine that each and every food type, organ, word, person, colour etc has a vibration. Then in the case of a bodily organ for example like your liver over time may get out of vibrational resonance much like a guitar goes out of tune. Over the duration of ones life the body forgets what the exact optimum tone is for this organ which makes it difficult for the body to re-tune itself to the correct baseline and as such optimum functioning. The Asyra provides a myriad of resonances for every and all ailment, organ and illness within the body. The body can then use this vibrational information to retune, correct and heal itself.

Each remedy is a bespoke energetic treatment created specifically for and tailored entirely to you. It delivers a full spectrum of ambient wholeness to you the client throughout the entirety of your being.

This is the Star Trek of health testing with appointments being conducted in person or via distance on Zoom on a sample, such as a piece of hair using physics and the theory of quantum entanglement.

Cells which once were connected are able to communicate and be moved remotely at a distance. This is what we are tapping into when we test your sample.


Ayni is a qualified Holistic Therapist, Angelic Reiki Practitioner & a studying Naturopath. She holds a number of bodywork and reiki qualifications in addition to the path of her own personal health journey since a young age.

This has led her along a spiritual path of discovery with regard to plants, health and the mechanics of the human body.

Working extensively and exhausting many options she came upon The Qest and the deal was sealed. The Qest is eagle and condor technology. A perfect mix of natures own pure vibration combined with the latest technology in order to deliver bespoke and targeted healing which is specifically tailored to the individual.

I am currently offering home appointments via Zoom.

Please contact me below to book a session.

A consultation lasts approx. 1.5 hours and the investment is £150 which is inclusive of the costs of your energetic treatment which I will post to you after the session.


Ayni is always available for collaborations and support worldwide. If you want to chat about Asyra, health, spirituality or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


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