Thriving or Surviving?

Apologies for the delay on this one – I have been drawing from my ocean of confusion for the content of today’s offering. Although writing the article funnily enough has quelled some of the mire. Which camp are you sat in btw ^ ? I have to be honest with you I am surviving atContinue reading “Thriving or Surviving?”

What are Healthy Boundaries?

Happy Moonday Everyone! This week I thought I would take a turn around boundaries, certainly a topic which seems to be getting plenty of airing of late, and I know seems to have been an issue for many folks out there. Lets just clarify… An example of a healthy boundary would be going to anContinue reading “What are Healthy Boundaries?”

Are you being Psychically Attacked?

Hi all, I’m back after a lengthy blogging hiatus to talk about a topic which has come to the forefront of my proceedings of late and which aligns rather serendipitously with some of the topics covered in my new course which begins in June. I had no idea as we stepped over the threshold intoContinue reading “Are you being Psychically Attacked?”