Lets talk about Hypersensitivities…

Every so often we come across a new term which becomes the ‘buzz’ word for a while.

In this article I wish to introduce the term Hypersensitive or HSP which stands for Hypersensitive person. You may or may not have heard of this term before.

I identify as an HSP and having only discovered this fact later in my life (30’s) it seems it may be helpful to impart some of this information to others particularly those with very sensitive children so that an insight into their ways may be gained. I seem to be bumping into many of these children these days and to me they stand out like a sore thumb. We all seem to recognise one another as our own.

All beings on this planet and particularly those being born now are of the latest spec; shiny and sensitive to the greatest degree. With the rest of us already living bunch all evolving in this direction at a rate of knots, so in this, we may as well educate ourselves.

HSP’s do what they say on the tin, however this tin might not be your average run of the mill tin, if you know what I am saying?

Hypersensitive children usually come from HSP parents. Parents who were and maybe still do struggle with overwhelm of emotions, thoughts and feelings and finding a way to cope with them.

They may exhibit unusual skillsets but likely due to the diet of the general populace the world over with lots of caffeine, carbs and sugar, these skills, attributes and subtle messages can fade in and out or be missed entirely depending on the type of foods or lifestyle choices one makes.

The generation of our parents was a difficult one, having really no other choice but to tow the line in those times there seemed really only one way of doing things – the old guard way; get a job in the system, meet someone, settle down and have children at least for the vast majority.

Obviously there are exceptions to this rule and many similarities to how we live; the myriad ways of building ones life today are almost incomparable, when compared to what one is able to achieve now.

Our only restraints are the time we have to play with and likely the quality of ones internet connection, although freedom of movement is becoming an issue but that is a topic for another time.

The term ‘Indigo children’ was coined in the eighties by Nancy Ann Tappe and related to a set or new group of children who would be born to humanity who would be different. Having a different colouring to their auric fields they were said to possess greater sensitivities, creativities and ESP’s and they have been arriving in droves ever since.

I believe these ‘star people’ have been arriving for years prior to the eighties (Nikola Tesla was no mortal) yet in different strengths and variations shall we say?

It’s safe to say if most parents aren’t aware of their own propensities or proclivities then it stands to reason that they wouldn’t recognise or know how to work with these traits exhibited and amplified within their own children.

These children when not functioning to their highest vibration can be characterised by extreme challenging behaviour in some cases such as hyperactivity, anger, tears, tantrums, refusal to eat, climbing the walls (quite literally) or just a knowing that they are not right or happy in some way. This mostly is normal for children but I am referring to the ‘next level’ in tantrums where the child will fight you to the death.

This can be incredibly challenging for a parent to deal with, particularly if the child is young and not able to verbalise what the issue is. Exhaustion sets in and in not knowing what to do many parents take said misbehaved child to the doctor for an examination, labelling and potential medicating.

In many of these cases these children become typecast very young under the umbrella term of Asperger’s, Autism or ADHD among many. But is this is more just a label to say we don’t really know what is wrong or how to fix your child?

Are all of these children broken or perhaps do we just need to take a look with fresh eyes and actions?

It must be said that these children are markedly different and do not like to follow any rules other than their own.

Currently holidaying I have met and interacted with two male children on the spectrum here, their energies totally different as you would expect from two totally different individuals yet both characterised by the same needs and requirements.

Being HSP myself and making it through (for the most part) my sensi journey managing to troubleshoot my karmic loading, inherited habits and de-pollute my body of the various toxic substances, bacteria and microbes which inhabited me and get to a point where I understand myself and my gifts, know where my blind spots are and what my potential problem sensitivities are, I feel quite sure the same is entirely possible for others (where that is still a problem).

One of the amazing things about being hypersensitive is that we are highly suggestive to the solution as well as the initial problem stimulus; a double edged sword if you will.

We are very easily affected by our surrounding stimulus by the thoughts, words, and mindless comments of others, and can have very strong reactions to foods, EMF, bright lights, loud sounds, other peoples corrupted energies or anything else which can cause a serious problem for us.

I feel the greatest issue however, is being misunderstood.

Many adults I have met who have autistic or aspergic children definitely seem to have some sort of spectrum attribute themselves and as such have passed on this trait to their children. But is it genetic, environmental or a mix of both ?

Having spent five years working with adults and young persons with learning difficulties I can confirm that they all do indeed conform to and have in common the fact that in some way they are ‘hyper sensitive’ to a particular type of stimulus.

Receiving some work based training some years back we were advised by an Autism specialist that they currently have no idea as to why or what environmental factors contribute to creating a HSP child or at least it is likely that the status quo are not willing to comment on what the causes behind it may be.

More and more people do seem to be rating on the spectrum these days with more and more children being labelled in the West and all around the world as under the umbrella term of autistic spectrum disorders.

Being a HSP myself but being fortunate to be one of the lucky ones who wasn’t unwell or incapable of normal play but yet still somewhat different, I didn’t end up in a care home but yet after my time working in all those places I still totally identify with those individuals as being on my team.

I can confirm that after witnessing several remarkable and unusual experiences whilst working in care, I have to admit that these people are special and have unusual traits, some that most will be totally unaware of.

I am reminded of one individual who quite literally could hear through walls and doors her hearing so sensitive you had to be very careful what you said around her and I have heard of other parents of spectrum children being able to whisper to their child to return with back turned on the beach and they instantly respond and return, absolutely no chance that would work for anyone else.

A male candidate, a deaf mute whom I had the pleasure of working with and whom I regularly would give hand massages to, I found one day that we were able to exchange thoughts and visuals through the touching of our hands and using some sort of shared psychic dashboard interface mentally with one another.

You begin to realise you aren’t quite in Kansas anymore. Particularly when you meet with other oddball tribe members.

I believe these persons to be the superhero’s, indigo’s, starseeds and wanderers’ which have come to this planet through a human birth and have been negatively affected by the environment that we live in.

Having been on my own fifteen-year health journey (which is still very much a feature in my adult life) and understanding exactly what effect the food and lifestyle choices I make will have on my body, I feel quite sure that the causes of hypersensitivity originate in the gut and most certainly can be assisted and bettered by changes to the diet and lifestyle.

From birth a lack of gut flora imparted to the baby during labour perhaps due to a suppressed immune system or because of baby being born by C-section and not receiving the vital dose of mother’s probiotics on the way out of the womb. Or being subject to the influx of pollutants in the early years of development and throughout the child’s life dependent on the sort of diet or environmental factors one is exposed to e.g. mercury amalgams, dirty water etc.

From having reset my gut many times over during my ongoing fight with Lyme in an attempt to kill off the parasitic, bacteria containing biofilm and finding the best way to repopulate it quickly with all the good stuff, I can confirm that a depleted gut is a short cut to depression, anxiety, ill health, poor immunity and the inability to break down foods and take up nutrients in addition to other symptomatic factors.

To be clear I am not blaming parents (what you, yourselves have never received an education in, you cannot be blamed for) however the diet and foods to which we have been / are subjected to, do have a radical effect on us and particularly those small people still in the womb who are entirely reliant on the choices of their surrogate.

Fortunately the food available on the market is more well rounded and people today are more savvy about diet and how the gut works. Yet at the same time electronic device addictions and EMF pollution is rising which presents a whole new challenge to a HSP.

Elaine Aron author of ‘The Hypersensitive Person’ has undertaken studies which show that HSP’s actually internalise stimulus within the brain at a much deeper level making us physically different models to the average Joepak.

Ergo; Our needs are slightly different.

For many this explains the reasons for why we may well be flummoxed at times in public situations, being in company with too many people and as such exposed to far too much information imparted to us at one given time.

A gathering I attended with some 100 odd attendees some year or so ago saw me literally not speaking to anyone for the majority of the weekend because I simply didn’t have anything to say. Tuning into the 90+ radio stations being broadcast in and around the space simultaneously I simply had no idea what I thought anymore. My internal mind space humming with a high vibration white noise although this in fact felt very comfortable and meditative there was no room for anything else.

An analogy I like to make is that it’s a little like being an I-phone 33, whilst everyone else is operating on I-phone 11 (I don’t mean for that to sound bigoted).

We have the same capabilities as V11 as well as advanced capabilities and for the most part have no teacher and receive no education or manual to show us how to use these gifts.

Like a microscope we are excellent at zooming in and seeing what cannot be seen by the naked eye (or any of the other senses) as is our particular speciality but perhaps not really the sort of equipment that would fair well on the rugby pitch? You begin to see it’s a horses for courses kinda situation.

Sensitive people require more alone time to de-compress and discharge other peoples energies.

Having said that spectrum individuals seem to possess and be able to access greater sources of energy within themselves and have the power and stamina to go for days.

Yet there is very little point in being able to understand more, being party to more information and even possessing the meaning of life if the state from which one resides in is debilitating. One is then unable to impart and share this information with others.

Our society scouts for weakness and highlights the differences between us in order to separate, divide and conquer. The traits that don’t fit with the ‘What everyone else can do’ mentality are labelled as misfit.

There are children who are totally and utterly incapable or participating in normal life and as such any individual would require guidance based on a case by case basis. But to blanket call all ‘sensi’ children broken as is implied by the term (autistic? I prefer artistic) seems rather ignorant as it ceases to explore what other hidden and not yet heard or seen abilities these individuals may possess.

My skills manifest in a number of different ways and never cease to surprise me, with new skills popping up from time to time.

Most recently, stood next to an old friend in the local park in my hometown chatting, I suddenly experienced a burning sensation in my bladder which came on literally out of nowhere and lasted for around two hours.

I had been standing with the man for approx. 20 minutes and he had opened and began drinking a highly sugar ridden, caffeine filled and flavoured alcoholic drink.

From just standing around a metre to 1.5 metres away from him for that time I had inadvertently picked up the resonance of cystitis, the sort of condition which would surely follow ingesting a tin of that type of hooch. Whether he had it already or was due to incur some shortly I did not ask.

Knowing it was nothing to do with me (I drink herbal tea and water) I knew this occurrence was me energetically picking up a signature due to my proximity and also because this is not the first time it had happened.

Another occasion when working physically with a client and this eighty-year-old lady had arrived twenty minutes early for our scheduled appointment, pre-me consecrating my space with the necessary prayers and invocations to protect myself from picking up and taking on too much of other peoples energies in this case I wound up inheriting a particularly bad nanna hip, post-massage which lasted two days.

I must admit the further down this path I walk the more strange and weird things begin to happen. But then I guess that’s to be expected when you begin opening up ones consciousness in a wider and more fuller capacity to the outside world.

Thankfully my spiritual journey began some years ago and as such had provided me with the necessary tools and practices in order to be able to process and cope with these changes.

My experiences over the past year have also given birth to a course which available on my website and which comes as as part of a spiritual coaching package and the beginnings of a book which is being worked upon slowly as we speak.

If you are experiencing similarly odd or unusual experiences or have a child who may exhibit as HSP, indigo or has been traditionally labelled by our society as ADHD, autistic / aspergic etc, then you may wish to get in contact to discuss your situation and my course offerings and coaching package in more detail which will guide you through nine modules and a number of steps which will enable you to create a bespoke programme for yourself and your child which will enable you to find some structure and helpful practices in which to incorporate and use in any tricky situations you may encounter in life moving forward.

Knowing full well from experience although making these changes at first may be a challenge, the benefits will surely and quickly follow.

As always with love and gratitude

Ayni x

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