What are Healthy Boundaries?

Happy Moonday Everyone!

This week I thought I would take a turn around boundaries, certainly a topic which seems to be getting plenty of airing of late, and I know seems to have been an issue for many folks out there. Lets just clarify…

An example of a healthy boundary would be going to an event that you were invited to by the host and perhaps bringing an offering to share.

An example of an unhealthy boundary would be going on to someone else’s website, copying the content and then trying to pass it off as your own.

Where are we going wrong?

Surely as a species evolving we should be getting better at learning these things rather than worse? Yet in my noticing’s and experience we seem to be getting looser on all fronts and that also applies to a whole myriad of other arenas in our lives. Are we forgetting where the line is or do we just not care anymore?

With so many restrictions in place over the last year, telling us when we are allowed to fart or when not to, most of us are harbouring a longing for freedom and openness when in company.

I am in agreement, it feels good to be so open and share our experiences with others and I can confirm I have lived my entire life to date in this manner until now…

Faced with certain health issues I have been forced to reassess my modus operandi, what and how I share with my community (in person and online) and re-evaluate who I allow into my circle. I like to think every person gets a chance to come into the circle of trust however if someone begins to repeatedly mess on your carpet then that person has to go outside and stay outside.

Perhaps a lack of morals is to blame here or a lack of self awareness of ones own behaviours? Who can say and a different case in every scenario.

The topic of boundaries certainly seems to be more of an issue for those of us who are naturally open, loving, giving and forgiving of people. But when is enough, enough?

Forgiveness is one thing, but trust is an entirely different thing all together.

Maybe the changes of the last year or so has made us all more competitive and not quite as kind in our dealings with one another. Feeling fear and subsequently cultivating a ‘lack’ mindset in their own mind garden, persons might feel the need to swipe other peoples ideas or offerings when the opportunity arises.

Kinda weak behaviour though isn’t it?

I’m all for competition, it’s healthy and it inspires us all to be better.

However, stealing someone else’s work or words isn’t competition is just theft.

I implore you! Don’t become another one of those internet copy and paste philosophers who just rinses content and regurgitates it to get their next post! Lets go for quality over quantity folks eh?

It would be really great if in the age of the feminine we could work together to collectively ace this for the good of humanity rather than turning this experience into a dog pissing contest. Else we just make a mockery of everything.

Know what I’m saying?

This is after all the point of our existence here on earth is it not?

Lets come back to the midpoint, the higher vantage point and remember what is truly important for the benefit of us all!

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With Love and Gratitude

Ayni x

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