Are you being Psychically Attacked?

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Hi all, I’m back after a lengthy blogging hiatus to talk about a topic which has come to the forefront of my proceedings of late and which aligns rather serendipitously with some of the topics covered in my new course which begins in June.

I had no idea as we stepped over the threshold into the age of Aquarius that we would be stepping straight into the world of the dark toxic female and extreme hypersensitivity. Have you noticed or encountered anything unusual as yet?

It seems like we have awoken in a totally different world post lockdown that has entirely different rules.

We all most likely have experienced female foul play at some point in our past, either at school or in the office where gangs of bitchy females might team up to verbally abuse or physically attack one another. Dogs do hunt in packs after all. But what if you were attacked from a distance, with no warning and from a source which you were unable to pinpoint? What would or could you do about it? And how would you even know you were being targeted?

What exactly is it we are talking about here?

Essentially the basis for such an attack is through use of the word. It being used and directed in a negative and targeted way towards another. But for what reason?

Extreme jealousy is always the main culprit in my experience.

Have you ever experienced receiving a loving prayer energetically from another or even just a loving text and felt the wonderful feeling emanates from your heart when that lands? Likewise the opposite is true too. Particularly if the person sending it has an arsenal of sadness and hurt within them. Some people are totally self unaware and don’t consciously realise the power of their actions, however others are only too aware. For someone sensitive this can be fairly damaging.

Emotionally loaded words are powerful things.

One must have to be quite a sick puppy to dedicate their emotional negativity directly at another on purpose once, let alone repeatedly commit to systematically attacking a person or persons repeatedly from a distance. Particularly those who have never done them any harm.

To be totally frank and honest with you this is something I never imagined I would experience, let alone be writing about. Yet here I am writing this article.

Any person passing their time in this manner illustrates a serious immaturity and total lack of understanding of the laws of the universe.

‘What you send out, you get back’

The universe feels and understands intension only. If you send out poison arrows you will get them back sooner or later via the law of attraction.

What would you do if suddenly this happened to you?

Unfortunately these persons do exist and may be closer than you think. Not all persons in this new spiritual world have clean intensions. So its wise to be discerning with who you are giving your energy, time and money to.

There is even the possibility that your energy can be syphoned off without you even realising it. What if you became an amplifier in someone else’s ceremonial magic? Actions which had a tangible affect on another in a negative way. Fantastic if you are collectively backing a positive intension but highly toxic if backing someone else’s targeted darkness.

If you would like to learn more about the light, the mechanics of energetics and and how to counteract any such energetic attack then you can join me on my up and coming course which begins in June – I will be working one to one with students via appointment so there is no exact date for crystallisation, except to find a time which works for both of us. More information can be found at my website here:

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